Services to Members

Services to Members include:

  • Close interaction with WPDO’s renowned Members, Central & State Governments, international peacemakers & diplomats.
  • Assistance to develop global policies for peace.
  • Promotion of world peace through meetings with visiting foreign peace foundations, participation in peace summits and other events related to peace & harmony.
  • Expert advice on diverse subjects such as sustainable development, world peace policy, diplomacy policy, corporate involvement for peace.
  • Regular and timely information on latest global policies and Govt. Legislations.
  • Generating awareness and gathering public support regarding specific aspects of world peace for overall involvement and awareness.
  • Analysis of legislation: Helping policy makers, peacemakers, diplomats and industry.
  • Platform to interact and gain knowledge through seminars, summits and round table meetings.
  • Participate in the Expert Committees/Task Forces of WPDO.
  • Redressal of general/common problems of Members at Central/State Government levels around the globe and other Institutions.
  • Networking with Indian missions, peacemakers, diplomats and counterpart organizations across the globe.
  • Assist identifying joint venture associates at various global events organized byWPDO.
  • Web Services: information on important events organized by WPDO and other activities, press releases, membership, etc.
  • Opportunity to gain mileage and recognition by becoming a sponsor/co-sponsor of WPDO events.
  • Developmental programs with special focus on World Peace and Diplomacy.
  • Concessional fee for participating in various paid programsorganized by WPDO.
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