Disarmament Appeal to Countries

We, at WPDO, believe that the way small skirmishes lead to big fights amongst people, small matters lead to first insurgencies and then to wars within & amongst countries. The insecurity of a nation from its much powerful neighbor encourages it to pile up arms & ammunition to balance peace in its region. This prompts its neighbor to reciprocate and so it goes on. If the tension increases, this pile up of arms may pump enough confidence in one of them to start the war. Therefore, WPDO appeals to nations to reverse the process by reducing their arms stock gradually to reach a state of less or no arms. This will help them two folds: One, less or no arms will never give them enough confidence to start a war. Second, the money that goes in buying arms, will be better utilized in manning the economy and thus growth of these nations.

WPDO, through its efforts, appeal to all nations to leave the path of arms race in the region and adopt the process of growth and human wellbeing.

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