As a member of WPDO, you will access a world of opportunities, from networking with the peacemakers & diplomats of Indian and global scenario to assisting in framing peace and diplomacy policies, through close linkage with the governments.


  • Global scenario for world peace and harmony
  • International leaders’ approach towards world peace
  • Improve internal efficiency and productivity towards peace measures globally
  • Get an insight into Government policies and their impact on world peace


  • Networking opportunities with Indian and Global Peacemakers & Diplomats
  • Platform to enhance your network and develop newer connections for developing new policies and frameworks for world peace.


  • Share your concept and approach with other members worldwide
  • Help enhance the purpose of world peace through sharing knowledge and awareness for peace and harmony


  • Opportunity to give back to the society
  • Get involved with important initiatives in the areas of World Peace, Child Education, Women Empowerment, Fight against HIV/AIDS, Disaster management etc.
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