About World Peace & Diplomacy Organization

World Peace & Diplomacy Organization – WPDO, Foundation was conceptualized in 2011 and formed as a global peace initiative entity under CIHF-Confederation of Indian Healthcare Foundation. It is also registered in the state of Delaware, USA as a private, non-stock corporation, aiming at resolving conflicts & prevailing Global Peace. CIHF has been granted “Special Consultative Status” by United Nations – Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC). It is an independent, non-government, not-for-profit organisation with global footprints that endeavours to leverage corporate, employee & leadership talent for healthcare development, education for community development and social wellbeing.

Although, an initiative for peace was not a new notion, formation of WPDO became utmost important in the growing affairs of a new unrest & agitation which has been recently settling down the world over. A society or community comprising of peaceful people with love in their hearts is more likely to remain in a state of peace than the one which has more people at turmoil, unrest and hatred. Founders of WPDO believe in inner peace within human mind as a driving force in bringing the other negative forces down, such as no or improper education, unemployment, poverty & hunger, insecurity, racial bias & discrimination, religious faiths, hatred, ego, and other such factors that force an individual to want to dominate others.

The aim of WPDO is to propagate this need for peace through as many likeminded peace advocates as possible who would work towards peace building by eliminating the main factors that initiate conflicts & unrest in people. WPDO appeals to people at higher stacks to persuade their followers to follow the path of peace and harmony on its behalf. WPDO appoints young & dynamic popular leaders and icons as its Peace Ambassadors and Messengers globally, based on their illustrious leadership qualities, exceptional zeal towards social activities and outstanding public demeanour.

Since its inception, WPDO has achieved many mile stones covering great lengths in social & political arena. It strongly supports United Nation’s Global Compact program and Earth Charter principles as well as strongly follows United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030. It supports United Nation’s policy frame work for education, human rights, world peace and sustainability.

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