Kids Can...Work For World Peace

It may never have occurred to you when you were kind to someone who was different or when you took a time out so that you wouldn’t hit your brother or sister that you were working for world peace.

But guess what — that’s just what you were doing. Because every time we make a choice that creates more peace in our own life….we are practicing a way of being, a way of doing that can stick with us our whole life long and have huge consequences, for ourselves, for our families, and for many others who touch our lives.

Perhaps no one can say where the little choices we make in our lives will lead, nor what big choices we may have to make later in our lives.

But one things for sure, the people you see or hear about who do things that really hurt people (sometimes large numbers of people) almost certainly did not get enough practice making peaceful choices — before their lives took them to them moment where they began doing serious harm to themselves and to others.

If they had been practicing the art of choosing peace long before that moment, then they would have known the right thing to do when the time came.

So now is the time to begin asking yourself, “What can I do to create more peace, in my own life… and in the world?” Look over the links below for more information on how you can help create peace in the world. Then talk it over with your family, your friends, and your teacher. Make a plan for what action you can begin taking, right now.

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