WPDO was founded in 2011 from CIHF- Confederation of Indian Healthcare Foundation, as a private, not for profit organization, aiming at resolving conflicts & prevailing peace amongst and within nations. The need for peace was not a new initiative but never before WWI & II had most of the nations of the world gathered together and raised their voices as one to cumulatively form an intergovernmental organization to initiate peace process by establishing United Nations in 1945 to promote international cooperation.

Conflicts & wars have an old relation with the humanity ever since the evolution of Homosapians. Peace, as we see today, is an elusive term; various people look at it with varied emotions. Peace within a human mind is different from peace amongst nations. And yet, they have a relation. A nation comprising of peaceful people with love in their hearts is more likely to remain in a state of peace than the one which has more people at turmoil, unrest and hatred.

WPDO was formed with an intention to work towards peace building by eliminating the main factors that initiate conflicts & unrest in people. Lack of education, hunger, religious faiths, etc. are the new factors that stimulate unrest amongst people. This unrest slowly engulfs regions and sometimes entire nations and leads to either people migration or accumulation of hatred of people from one region towards people of other regions. Slowly but gradually this takes the shape of cross border skirmishes, insurgencies, act of terrorism and sometimes small wars.


Since its inception in 2011, WPDO has achieved many mile stones covering great lengths in social and educational arena. It strongly supports United Nation’s Global compact program and Earth charter principles as well as strongly follows United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030. WPDO runs Masters and Doctoral level courses in affiliation with partnering international universities that prepare peace activists, peace negotiators, peace diplomates and peace initiators. The courses specifically aims at equipping its students with knowledge tools that help them understand the human mind set based on his surroundings and act accordingly.